Your image must be exactly as you wish it to print.

Any manipulation of your provided image incurs additional charges.

You must provide a print ready black and white vector line image file for one color print.

What is a black & white vector line image?

-- Unlike JPEGs, GIFs, and BMP 
    images, vector graphics are not
    made up
of pixels.

-- Enlarge your image as large as 
    possible; if the edges and details
    become distorted (pixelated), it is
    not a vector image.

-- Instead, vector graphics are 
    comprised of paths, which are
    defined by a start and end point. A
    path can be a line, a square, a
    triangle, or a curvy shape. These
    paths can be used to create
    simple drawings or complex

-- Because vector-based images
    are not made up of a specific
    number of dots, they can be
    scaled to a larger size and not
    lose any image quality. When you
    enlarge a vector graphic, the
    edges of each object within the
    graphic stay smooth and clean.
    This makes vector graphics ideal
    for logos, which can be small
    enough to appear on a business
    card, but can also be scaled to fill
    a billboard.

You may also select a standard center image from our collection of Clip Art.

Full color digital imprinting requires high resolution full color image file(s).

Your provided image file's printed results are equal to the results from your desktop printer.  Your imprint is as beautiful as the file you provide.